Illustration & Literature Workshop
This year I took a workshop about Illustration & Literature. I have illustration duties every week, so I was able to create a lot of illustrations with a common leitmotif: Literature.
Michel Faber (born 13 April 1960) is a Dutch-born writer of fiction, with his amazing book The Crimson Petal and the White (2002).
Technique: Mixed Media (Watercolor and Digital).
Reference:Augusto Monterroso Bonilla (December 21, 1921 - February 7, 2003) was a Guatemalan writer, with his tale The Dinosaur, the shortest tale in spanish.

"On waking, the dinosaur was still there."

Technique: Mixed Media (Collage, Acrylics, Digital)

Little Red Riding Hood, also known as Little Red Cap, is a French fairy tale about a young girl and a Big Bad Wolf. The story has been changed considerably in its history and subject to numerous modern adaptations and readings (Wikipedia)
Technique: Mixed Media (Colored pencils, Collage, Digital).
Small Book of the Opposites
This is my creation.
Technique: Mixed media (Collage, Colored pencils and Digital).
And my own handwriting/lettering.
A legend: The Eskimos have a story of an aged women abandoned and forced to survive in the cold. She turned into a wolf to do so.
Technique: Mixed Media (Acrylics and Digital).
A tale: How Rabbit Fooled Wolf by Baron Munchausen (The Adventures of Baron Munchausen)
Technique: Mixed Media (Acrylics and digital).
My bio in five steps. 
1. Origins.
2. Dreamer.
3. Ecuador.
4. Murcia.
5. Sometimes lost in the deep.
Technique: Mixed Media (Collage, China Ink and Digital).

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