Bob DiGiacomo Website

A very interesting work creating the logo and the website for the New York musician Bob DiGiacomo. 
The inspiration for the logo was an easy task having in mind the use of the electric bass he plays so well. I thought in the star as a metaphoric symbol of the artists. And the only request from Bob was the use of the bourgogne color in the logo.
I have created a logo very versatile and it will change according to the background where it is displayed or printed. I have created a vintage version of the logo as well. 
And the website was planned not only as a place to display his songs or his videos. The website is a blog for useful information for musicians.
I do not know how the music is made, but I tried to create a site full of imagery to attract people to read about it.
It is a nice play to read about music reviews (that Bob named Currently Spinning) or about music theory in the category of Musician's Corner.
Take a look and learn something about Bob DiGiacomo and his music.

Updated: January 29, 2023.

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