The curve and LUT Le Fabuleux Coleur de Amelie is inspired by the movie ‎Jean-Pierre Jeunet´ s Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain. Especifically, I took just one shot and I worked with it to get a similar appearance using just one curve. For the LUT I use more presets, as Brightness and Saturation to give a little more life when used for video.

It gives tones of yellow and green to the image, depending on the base colors. All the reds are intensified and they will look warmer.

You can tag me in Instagram or Twitter as @pablolarah if you want me to show the results. Or send me the examples to my email.

1. The images sources:
John Towner
Dahan Remy
Paul Dufour
Janko Ferlic
2. The font in use is Agnele Modern Caps by Álvaro Thómaz
3. Go to the article on my blog to download the Photoshop Curve & LUT Le Fabuleux Coleur de Amelie in 2 different formats: Curve and LUT( .acv file and .cube files), including License & Instructions. Everything in a zip file.

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