Book River of Men
/Rio de Homens
The process for the book River of Men/Rio de Homens began four years ago with experiments of mixing - photomanipulating- visitants at the beach with rabbits heads.Two years ago I decided to change the rabbits heads with exploding heads, trying to mean the bodies of the men disappearing in the forest or the sea and the representation of the changing concept of masculinity and maleness in this world.

As I say in the intro of the book:

"I discovered the photographer Alair Gomes and understood that the Man of the Beach has been an object of desire for a long time. However, I wanted to embellish this voyeuristic vision of the men with surreal elements, such as birds and the animal or flower heads. With the manipulated photography I leave the idea of a Beauty that disappears in the sea or in the forest, like the idea of Masculinity, an idea that changes with the times as a cultural construction."

Alair Gomes is a famous photographer who has a voyeuristic approach in his photography, using telephoto lens. I recommend you to check his body of work on the internet.

Finally this year I decided to materialize a hundred of pictures in a book. I found a designer that made the layout as I had in my head, a very simple approach for an elaborated corp of images.
I designed the cover and the back-cover of the book, having in mind the representation of the main subject of my work: Men and surrealism, capoeira, Carnaval, surf and the omnipresent sea.

The technical details of the final product are:

62 pages
20 x 20 cm., closed
Front cover Papel Duo Design paper 250g/m²
Inner pages in Glossy Couche paper 150g/m²
Front cover with matt finish lamination
Hot-melt binding

Luckily, I found an excellent printer in São Paulo who was able to recreate perfectly the idea of the book I had in my head.

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Video Credits:
Copyright to Pablo Lara H for the book and the graphics displayed on the video.
Stock footage of the flowers and the beach at by Pixabay and Kim Aswani.
Music from the Universal free-for-all music pack at by Evgeny Teilor.
Edited with Hitfilm Express A free tool to create incredible motion work of all kind.

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